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Originally Posted by 4DoorGTZ View Post
Are you sure its the video card? Could be other areas of the system creating bottlenecks. Drivers could also be a concern depending on the games in question.

Personally I love the 5970, but then again I'm not into the newest FPS/War games that tax the systems to the max.
I loved my 5970 as well, and it hasn't necessarily been struggling with new games, but it has been having issues with random stuttering or just simply not working with them which I'm guessing because the card is technically crossfire so some games do not get to use all 2gb of the video memory. I have the most recent CAP and driver update for the card, and I understand some new games have issues, but I dunno, I just feel like my card should be outperforming cards like my friends GTX 570. Like he plays BF3 on ultra with MSAA x4. For me, I have to turn MSAA completely off, turn most my settings down to high with like one or two settings on ultra. (both running at same resolution 1920x1200)

It really isn't that big of a deal I guess, but it does bother me a little bit, as like I said, I feel like my card should be keeping up with a GTX 570, or doing better than it. And BF3 is just one example. Rage was completely unplayable, which I understand was partly due to amd not having proper drivers, but then Skyrim came out and I was getting super low fps on that game, like 11fps. Overall, the card generally works amazing, it just seems like lately its been having issues, and I was just curious of what I could possibly upgrade from it.

As for a bottleneck, I have a AMD Phenom II x6 1090T 3.2GHz and 16Gb of ram, so I dunno where it would bottleneck.

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