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PM sent....I'll sum it up here, for anyone else wondering

for anyone else considering these Avery brand "Clear Sticker" Printer sheets ...You can buy from Amazon or "some" Office Supply Stores.

1. Int doesn't smudge. I used Inkjet Printer
2. Works good on acrylic or plexi windows

1. Dull Color Matte Finish
2. Doesn't stick well to painted surfaces. (I had to use 3M Super 77 adhesive spray)
3. Anything colored White in your design, translates to Clear "see thru" instead, once it's printed.
4. Cost. 10 sheets for $13.99

For this project, which has distressed and weathered theme, they worked great. I could see using them for a custom window design, if youre OK with dull coloring...Otherwise I wouldn't suggest them for anything else.

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