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Well, there is 1 more thing I would try.
I understand the router belongs to your landlord, however the configs on a router typically auto save (home based routers anyways)
You can try logging into, into the router you are connected to and see if you can software re-boot it. You may have to alter (alter back to orig settings before next step) an port forward, or any major setting, where the router will say it requires a restart. If you click "restart" it will do a software based restart of it, which may clear up issues.
In many cases like this the solution is pull the power cable to the router, then pull power cable / battery (if there is cable for phones) from the modem...wait 5mins for cap's to drain and plug in + put battery in modem...once it recieves its connection (can tell by the lights on it) plug in router...have PC off or do a cmd.exe -> ipconfig/release -> ipconfig/renew
without being able to access the router and modem the above steps aren't possible. You can always ask the Landlord to do it / let you do it. Beyond those steps I really can't help you too much. With you being able to hit Pirate bay, and you could hit HWC I would say it isn't a driver issue with the network card.
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