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Default Dummy Needs Wireless Network Help...

Really stumped with this one fellas, hope someone can rescue me. I'm using Win 7 Ultimate, and cannot for the life of me connect to the internet with any stability or reliability. The wireless USB adapter is an EnGenius 11n, which I've previously used with no difficulty at a different address with this same PC, and nothing's changed with the PC's config. Don't think it's the network under this roof, as all my other devices connect properly (360, cel, HP DouchePad). Obviously something's working, because I'm able to access Canucks (duhh), and of all places, the Pirate Bay. But every other site I try won't come up; tried Firefox, Chrome, IE9. No idea what router my landlady is using upstairs, and I really want nothing to do with it, for fear of effing things up for her (she works from home).

Any ideas, anybody? Thanks, guys!

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