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Default Far Cry 2 Trailer/Commentary Released

I have to admit something. I have never completed the original Far Cry, due to being a wimp. I haven't completed Crysis due to my everlasting desire to give you guys content. But I still can't help but drool at a brand-new trailer/commentary that Ubisoft Montreal pushed out just the other day.
Game development commentaries all share a similar goal, to tell you exactly how much effort is going into the game, to help amp you up. Racing game developers for one, will brag about how they went to a Porsche manufacturer to study the designs of the cars, to make sure that the game represented the model beautifully. But how many of those developers would be willing to camp out in Africa in order to deliver the ultimate realism?
Ubisoft Montreal might be one of the few. To mimic an amazing world, they traveled there to study both the land itself and the animals, to get an idea of how they get on with their everyday lives. The result, judging from the gameplay video, is quite impressive. The devs also mention that the game will feature a total of 50KM sq. and will be fully explorable. There's no linear gameplay here, they claim. You are free to choose your own route, which is why the game consists of only one definite mission.
Is it possible to not get excited for this one?

The developer clips in this trailer are actually quite entertaining, with Far Cry 2's art director, Alex Amancio, explaining how the team almost got eaten by lions while camping in Africa (silly Quebecers, should have hired someone with lion-mastering experience). Far Cry 2 is expected later this year and will allegedly be the same game on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.
Source: Joystiq

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