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Go into your bios.
-Find DRAM voltage. Set it manually to the RAM's rating (it will be either 1.50v, 1.60v or 1.65v.)
-set the RAM speed manually. 1600 I think that is, but 1333 and 1866 are common also.
-set the 'big 5' timings manually. It will look something like 9-11-9-27-1T or 2T
-if it's still not stable look for a voltage setting called vccio or's the subsystem that the RAM runs on, stock 'auto' voltage is 1.05. Many users report stability gains by raising this slightly - typically 1.10-1.15v. General consensus is that 1.20v is safe for everyday usage. I would raise it by .02v at a time and test for stability, but you could go straight to 1.10v with no harm to your computer.
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