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My System Specs


Originally Posted by TerenceJ View Post
Hey guys, I want to say thanks, so far I've been testing 13 hours straight Prime 95 blend with no errors at 4Ghz with 1.47Vcore (update, 18.5 hours, Prime95 blend no errors :-)

Over the next week I'll post some more pictures showing my settings, and temps, and my final results

At the moment going to play around with some of the settings, see if I can get my RAM set a little more efficient. And Play with the NB frequency a bit,

Thanks for the input so far, extremely helpful

When I originally posted, I was running F2 BIOS, as I thought I was having issues with both F4 and F5, however after learning a little more of focusing more closerly on my RAM timings and speed. I updated to F5 and have no issue running the running the BUS at 286Mhz, and looks like I can go higher easily.

Hey Terrence,

This is exactly what I got now and I have never oc'd amd before, can you post what you had for different things for this combo? I would like to also hit 4.0
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