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Shortly kind of turned into... A lot later.

Anyway, Age of Conan seems fairly easily to play. The graphics are pretty nice but some of the animations are terrible.

The Beta Caps at lvl13 so didn't get to see much.

The Game will be good for people who really enjoy the Story/Lore but every time a quest pop's up and i had to sit through them talking, it annoyed the pants off me! Its nice a feature, i prefer the old style quest dialog boxes though.

The Beta still seems buggy being just more than 1 week away from launch.

The Class Selection is nice The Barbarian seemed like the easiest class to play(To level 13).

The Gore, I haven't read too much into Age of Conan, some people in General Chat (In-Game) were saying Full-Gore wasn't enabled in the FilePlanet Beta, and others did so I'm not sure whats the truth.

The first time you decapitate somebody is pretty cool, and getting blood spatter all over the screen for the first time was neat. But after a while it got annoying (For me anyway).

It seems like everybody around me has pre-ordered the game in hopes that it's going to to be the next big MMORPG.

I won't be playing AoC, too many things that bug me. But i am sure a lot of people will enjoy it. The game seems fairly polished regardless of some of the bugs.

Edit: Forgot to Mention that DirectX 10 was Disabled in the File Planet beta.
Edit2: Some screen shots i took before i really started playing. Highest Settings under DX9.
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