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Originally Posted by Liu Kang View Post
I broke my budget last time I needed a headset when I went with the Sennheiser PC350 - simply the most comfortable gaming headphones I've ever owned... they pretty beat up now, so I just ordered the PC360s.

If you have some extra coin and wear headphones as long as I do, you won't regret the purchase.

PC350's can still be had for cheap, also ones past warrenty can be modded to be more like the current high standards ones or aka HD555's.

IF you needed a pci-e soundcard the Asus package with the Sonar card + PC350's is a pretty good deal @ $299 before price matching as the soundcards 1 of the top ones & in the $200 + the cans going for at least $125+.

Actualy ncix has pc330's on for $129 till the 9th Also comes with a $20 gift card too!! : - Buy Sennheiser PC330 G4ME Gaming Stereo Headset 14-22000HZ 32OHMS 10FT BLK/SLVR W/ Noise Canceling Mic - Sennheiser Electronics - 5041212 - in Canada

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