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My System Specs


Originally Posted by TangedAs View Post
Thank you very much for the responses, much appreciated!

Ya, the enhancements do sound pretty bad, all I use is x-fi crystallizer and made up an equalizer. Other than that I'm unsure which encoder would be best for me (ie dolby digital live / dts) and my sound system doesn't have optical.

That Auzen Hometheatre HD does look very nice. How would this compare to say the Asus Xense? I can get the Auzen Hometheatre card for around $340 NZ and the Xense for $420, and the D2X around $250.

I really do love my prelude, it sounds excellent, but if I want the motherboard I'm looking at, I won't be able to use the PCI :(

Also, on the auzen hometheatre, I don't really understand what those HDMI ports are for, one to the graphics card and what about the second one?

Sorry about the lack of knowledge :(
If you are not using high impedance headphones, then Xense = D2X

The 2 HDMI ports on the Auzen is In and Out. The one closer to the RCA is output
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