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I certainly agree you wouldn't want to have 5 ads floating around.

Then maybe it would be easier to break the BST up into sub-sections? Not a dozen of them, just 3 or 4, like:
-main system components - cpu, RAM, mobo, HD/SSD
-video (could be with above, but I see it being a popular sub)
-cases, psu's and cooling
-misc (networking, mobile & phones, dunno what else might fit)
-feel like I'm missing something major.

Just a thought. Easier for both buyers and sellers to get where they want faster. Would then allow sellers to have multiple ads (1 per sub) but smaller and more manageable. Would also allow 'sold' ads to be deleted more easily, preventing the long kazillion bumps + discussions threads - it's ridiculous to me (and not just me, judging by the earlier responses) that ads over a year old from inception are still running.

I'm on a lot of different hobby forums, most are done that way - I recognize that that doesn't necessarily make it 'right' for HWC.
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