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My System Specs


1080p 1:1 pixel mapping, good contrast ratio 2000:1 or better(not dynamic but the native, static, ANSI, or true contrast) and a brightness 550 cd/m2 or ANSI lumens or better is a good starting point(technically CD/m2 or NITS vs ANSI lumens, NITS win as they are the amount of directed light at a given distance where as ANSI lumens are the same given distance but a reflection thereof) 4ms or better responce times, and of course 120Hz or better for LCD type, and a good viewing angle this way here if you happen to be at an angle you will still see the screen properly. Another important thing is pixel pitch, or how close the pixels at to each other, generally a larger monitor/tv has its pixels further from each other to make distance viewing easier, but if you look real close, the pixels start to appear and makes it look crappy :P.

Also the resolution, though a 55"screen would be nice, and you want high def, the resolution can get out of hand real fast, 1920x1080 will probably not look the greatest in a very large screen, however if you go say the 2560x1440 or higher, for most GPU and modern games, is not going to play the greatest, but it will look the best, most even crossfireX or Quad sli with cards that have enough Vram to handle such reso/settings have trouble playing smoothly at these kind of levels, just an FYI :)

Generally for gaming and such, you would want LCD as it handles motion better, its colors and such may not be as vibrant as say an OLED or Plasma, however LCD work very good for gaming, especially computer wise, and tend to suffer less from burn in problems, bas bleeding, or motion and lag.
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