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Default TV for hooking up to a computer

I'm thinking about MAYBE buying a TV at some point. Boxing Day might be a good time to pick something up.

Currently I only have my 24" LCD monitor that is connected to my computer. I would like to get a large TV (50" or so) to connect to my computer.

I mostly use my computer to surf the web, fold (kinda display independant, really), play games (BF3, Civ5, etc.) and watch movies/TV.

I would most likely only use the TV to watch movies/TV shows from my computer and occasionally surf the web. I am NOT planning on getting cable/subscribed TV. I MAY occasionally play a game on the TV, but most of the time would use my monitor. AFAIK the only thing connected to the TV would be my computer. I have no interest in consoles, and DVD/BD players are irrelevant when my PC has all that stuff (in fact I have all the parts to build up a dedicated media machine)

I would like to keep the price under $1000. If it's worth going with a smaller size (46"?) in order to get better quality, I'm willing to do that.

So, what's best? LCD, Plasma or LED? Which one has the best bang for the buck? is there a particular TV that excels at playing PC games?

I've had a few Samsung monitors, have had good luck with them, and if I'm honest I have a sweet spot for Samsung products.

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