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My System Specs


Originally Posted by TangedAs View Post
Thank you very much for the responses, much appreciated!

Ya, the enhancements do sound pretty bad, all I use is x-fi crystallizer and made up an equalizer. Other than that I'm unsure which encoder would be best for me (ie dolby digital live / dts) and my sound system doesn't have optical.

That Auzen Hometheatre HD does look very nice. How would this compare to say the Asus Xense? I can get the Auzen Hometheatre card for around $340 NZ and the Xense for $420, and the D2X around $250.

I really do love my prelude, it sounds excellent, but if I want the motherboard I'm looking at, I won't be able to use the PCI :(

Also, on the auzen hometheatre, I don't really understand what those HDMI ports are for, one to the graphics card and what about the second one?

Sorry about the lack of knowledge :(
I have both of those cards. In my opinion,the Xonar Xense is the absolute best card for gaming. It's a super card for music and movies too. Problem is,trying to find one without the PC 350s that come with it. However,the Prelude is no joke. It too, will do pretty much everything you want, as I'm sure you already know. If you are going with a mobo that won't let you use the Prelude,you can still get a VERY good price for it. Then,find a Xonar Xense,and you will never be sorry. You can find one without the headphones,you just have to look a bit. Well worth the effort.
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