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Well, I think I'm going to try a better PSU. I tried some drivers from eVGA (169.44) that they suggested (they also suggested DriverSweeper, which looks like a nice alternative to DriverCleaner, which never seemed to work well under Vista), and am no better off. I think the 750W Silverstone I have may be a little too weak for what I have (3 7200RPM HDDs, 2 10K RPM HDDs, dual GPUs, power-hungry quad-core CPU). I've decided on the Corsair CMPSU-1000HX (Yes Kilowatt). I figure it should be able to handle anything I throw at it, plus I like the 140mm fan better. It can draw air in from my rad that is just being blocked right now (probably insignificant as the rad handles what I have now like a champ). I can get it for $244 so I might as well go for it.

.. I need to get a less expensive hobby. Poor Vana has been getting ripped apart pretty much every weekend since I got her .
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