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Originally Posted by keto View Post
My idea is that .016v isn't going to hurt your cpu.

But - is AID64 a multi threaded app? Because, even with P95, if you load it up with ONE THREAD ONLY, you will see higher vcore than if you load up all the cores - try it and see.

P95, 12 to 24 hours, is generally accepted as the defacto standard for stability with SandyBridge. No test is perfect, however, so it is good that you are using other tools to test.

EDITED TO ADD I don't currently F@H, but have read that F@H puts as much heat stress load on cpu as P95 does, in some cases guys are stable P95 and still crashing F@H and having to add vcore - usually just a very small increment.
I see! Will have to check it out! But I'm pretty sure it is multi-threaded. Like one for each cores since I have the latest version of AID64 EX.

One thing i read tonight is that the higher the added Offset Vcore (Mine is 0.040v) the higher the fluctuation between load and semi load. So I tried setting LLC to Extreme and ajusting the Offset Vcore ("-" in this case) which was lower than 0.040v but then IDLE voltage was too low to my likings.. This is starting to get frustrating. I'll probably let it swing between IDLE, MID-LOAD and FULL-LOAD as it is ATM. Like you said, ".016v isn't going to hurt your cpu." ... Heh

I'll shoot for another 4.8Ghz try overnight! Thanks again for the help keto!
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