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I don't know anything about 'mid load' or any voltage swings you may be seeing.

I never leave anything personal policy, I either want it on (enable) or off (disable) if it's something a) I understand and b) know has an impact on my tweaking. So, C states I either enable or disable, I don't leave them on auto. On my Gigabyte board I did have some fair sized voltage swings, I have seen much less of that on my ASUS board.

C3/C6 are the ones most often suggested to disable if you are having trouble getting stability. I don't own an SSD, I have read something about C3/C6 and SSDs, but I glossed over it and don't recall the reading.

Your RAM either works at 1.5v or it doesn't. .025v isn't going to hurt anything.

Sorry, I'm not much help to you this round.
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