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Well, I've decided to play around with Offset when i got back home from work since my 4.8Ghz with Vcore set at 1.460v had one core crashed after 1h15 in Prime95... Anyway, so yeah I've played with Offset Vcore. I followed your instructions keto and here's the result :

Keeping in mind that the CPU needs 1.360v during load for stability, I first tried setting Offset Vcore and letting it on auto with Ultra High LLC. It came pretty close to being Stable during load. VID is 1.3611v ... So It's pretty close with LLC at Ultra High but then i recall you said that IDLE voltage could cause problem... I didn't wanted to take any chances so i went ahead and set LLC to High instead. I worked my way from there and I ended up needing to add ("+") 0.040v to get 1.360-1.368v when running Prime95 Blend test.



IDLE voltage seems right since i heard ppls were running their 2500ks IDLE @ below 1.000v ... I personally don't want to take any chances...

Questions now! How come my MID-LOAD voltage is always higher than the FULL-LOAD (Prime95) voltage?

MID-LOAD : (You actually don't see the CPU being under MID-LOAD (7-8-9%) in Task Manager but it was a sec ago when i took the screenshot and CPU-Z had not updated yet.)

Isn't that a bit strange? CPU is running at 7-8-9% or so and it gives more juice than when it's running at 100%? I'm confused here...

Now, another thing i thought was really strange... At some point, I decided to try to set C1E, C3 and C6 to Enable instead of letting them on Auto and WooooOOW! IDLE voltages were crazy! Swinging from 0.760v to 1.220v ! WTH! First, that means that when I let these 3 settings on Auto, some (which ones??) are not being set to Enable by the Bios unless it sets them to Enable when it needs it?. That is confusing. I heard that Cstates needed to be Enabled when using Offset Vcore. Also heard that they had to NOT be disabled when using SSDs ... Either it boosting overclocking or not. I mean, even if by disabling Cstates I could push my CPU further, I wouldn't since it would reduce my SSD performance. Is that right?

Here are the settings for the 4.5Ghz using Offset Vcore "+" 0.040v :

PS: Yeah I upped DRAM Voltage to 1.525v just in case. 1.50v seemed a bit low and my dimms are rated XMP 9-9-9-24 2T 1600Mhz 1.50v .. Am i just beeing scared here or should I just run my RAM @ 1600Mhz 1.50v ?
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