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My System Specs


I have the Auzen Hometheater HD and been my favorite card to date.

I originally bought it for bitstreaming HD audio over HDMI to my AVR but ATI released bitstreaming cards shortly after and at first I was fairly butthurt. Then I decided to move the card to my main machine that has analog computer speakers and hooked it up and found that it can still decode HD audio and pass it to analog. I immediately upgraded OPamps on the surrounds and center to some good ol LM4562's, and have been rocking it ever since.

I have also been really impressed with the headphone amp. Sure there are better ones to be had, but I have some Pioneer HD2000's and they sound fantastic and they pound hard when I want it too.

If HD codecs are not an issue I would agree strongly with Lowfat. Get a Prelude and enjoy. I had one (modded it too) and loved it. I just wanted to leave PCI in the past, but still isnt an issue.

I have had a couple Asus cards and never really cared for the drivers. It was a while back so they may have improved greatly. I will also admit I was just so used to creative based drivers that it could have been me just bing a bit anal.

Edit: Here is a little info on the Hometheater HD

Auzentech X-Fi HomeTheater HD Review (Page 2 of 12) | APH Networks
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