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Unfortunately i don't have any pics of the disassembled case, sorry about that. But it was fairly easy after reading through the custom job done by mnpctech on the 800D "HARDWARE CANUCKS" Custom Case by Mnpctech

Leave it to me to break the only plastic parts, the cpu cutout and psu divider, in the whole case, hopefully i can get a replacement from corsair.

Now remember that side panel? Heres what it looks like without the powder basecoat. Mncptech werenít kidding when they said its one of the toughest powdercoats theyíve encountered and unlike them i didnít have access to a sand blaster. Worse was for some reason i thought 220 sand paper was enough. Well after trying out 180, 120, 100, 80 and 60grit, I finally settled on 80grit (which i later confirmed was the sweat spot). Man what a fiasco

mmm nothing like bare steel to get you excited

Hereís the other side panel, after sanding and priming. I primed each piece with 3 coats. One mistake i keep making is that Iím not careful with my fingers when using the rattle can. Add to the fact that you canít really feel paint when your wearing nitrile gloves, any paint that gets on my spray finger just accumulates till its a big enough blob and gets ďfiredĒ by the aerosol onto the panels! Thankfully another coat dealt with the issue.

Back panels the first one to get actual paint! Its so shiny and smooth that sometimes i wonder if i should even bother sanding and buffing later on. But i really do want a nice finish so Iíll probably end up doing it anyway.

Semi-decent surface pic for you. Again i sorta fubarred myself with the nitrile gloves and another blob hit the panel, after drying it doesnít look to bad so iíll lightly sand and re-coat. MIND YOUR FINGERS!

So that's it for now, parts that aren't sanded yet are the front bezel and top panel, I won't be painting the bottom of the case. The side panels also aren't painted yet but I'm waiting on some white paint and what you guys think about the designs (Aozora lettering and bird). I'll post pics as stuff gets done and parts come in, might not be months before something of a "finished" build will be visible though

Thanks for your time!

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