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While I’m up for the royal blue color, i can live without the racing stripes. So i was thinking something like this to go on the side panel instead. Its an imperial Aquila for those of you who don’t recognize it and yea i admit its a bit of a nerdy choice. Royal blue just doesn’t look complete without some white! Plus it sort of goes with the aozora theme .If you guys have a better suggestions that’s not to hard to do plz share.

Another thought was having "Aozora" painted on the the window panel side. But enough of that, on to the modding! I have this old ryobi jigsaw that really struggled to cut the steel but i managed to get a Mastercraft jigsaw on sale at Canadian tire .

While I liked the corsair “sail” window, I decided in the end it wouldn’t go well with whatever design theme i went with..... certainly not pirate :P. Its hard to see in the pic but my cut is far from straight... that is thanks to a crappy jigsaw and poor skills, fortunately though the U-channel molding hides the mistake. You can also tell i had a blond moment with the camera in the second pic...

Tapping up for the other mods (cutting out the grills and enlarging screw holes):

Bottom of the case (240 rad)

Yup that new jigsaw did the trick! These cuts where a breeze... albeit a little shoddy but that's what the u-channel is for

Argh the steel is really strong and it was a tad to difficult to do the bottom rad hole with the jigsaw, so i wound up burning through a lot of dremel disks... but it looks good

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