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Default PowerColor HD6870 1GB vs XFX Radeon HD 6870 1GB vs MSI GeForce GTX460 1GB OC

So, three cards.
Price as follows:
PowerColor HD6870 1GB - 1523SEK
XFX Radeon HD 6870 1GB - 1590SEK
MSI GeForce GTX460 1GB OC - 1249SEK

I'm sitting on a XFX GTX260 SP (896 MB).
Is it even worth upgrading?

The prices are in swedish kronor (no reason to convert).
I'm mainly playing StarCraft 2 (when I have the time). The problem with my card now is that I get these black outs in SC2 for like 3-5 seconds which is a game breaker.

I need to know what difference these GPUs are in games like BF3.
Also, I know Diablo 3 isn't out.
What are the chances I can't max it out with one of these?

Thanks in advance

EDIT: Seems the HD6870 beats the 460 kinda hard in BF3.
Question, PowerColor or XFX?
EDIT2: Will my i5 750 (stock) bottleneck a 6870?

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