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Originally Posted by martin_metal_88 View Post
Sli or crossfire wont give you 2X performance. 20% is already very good. That`s why we always recomend a single beast card over 2 small card for some operation.
20% is not considered very good for scaling. Maybe you meant good scaling for starcraft 2? Average scaling now a days in cf and sli is 70%. On most games with sli'd 460's I even get high as 85%.

It isn't the scaling percentage that makes most recommend one big card instead of 2 smaller because most games support cf and sli really well. It's so you don't have to wait for a new game that doesn't support it to be updated in the video driver to take advantage of 2 cards and so you avoid the chance for microstuddering. Even when the bigger card is recommended everyone almost always adds "you can always go sli/cf with another one later once prices drop."

Here are some benchmarks that you can compare your gains against to give you an idea if the gains you are getting are what they should be. If they aren't it will could be your power supply(you should have about a 750 watt) or cpu limiting you.,2742-3.html
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