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There is unfortunately only one (big) problem when it comes to running say Windows 8 on the next generation xbox. The problem is that the previous two generations were Power PC systems/platforms, meaning the way they address memory at the instruction set level is completely different then what intel/amd does it. This has to due back when Motorola and Intel were coming out with their processors and deciding which would be the better way to write something into memory. Intel went one way, Motorola went the other way, making it damn near impossible to run the exact same software on both as they would have to be re-written at the assembler level to do the memory addressing swap in a sense. This is why until Apple switched to Intel, they couldn't run most software that was Windows or Linux capable (little endian vs big endian as its called).

Flash to now, we have the next generation xbox that should be coming out, the question there is are they going to have backwards compatibility support or not? If they do then they'll either need slightly beefy hardware in it so that it can emulate a Power PC processor while running on a presumable intel/amd architecture or not support it (like newer PS3s). The best route would be the ability for Windows 8 to emulate the Power PC processor as it would allow PC gamers to play Xbox and Xbox 360 games in Windows 8 and allow them to have a stream-lined operating system as you previously mentioned for all their devices.

Ultimately we'll have to wait and see, however what I just said is why we may not see it happen, or if we do, we may not have xbox/xbox 360 support for games in the next version of the Xbox gaming console.
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