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Default Windows 8 = Convergence

I have been thinking and reading a bit about windows 8 and for the most part it sounds like a bigger flop for me than Vista ever was. I use a desktop a lot and I do not see metro being anything but a hindrance there. Tablets sure, metro looks quite nice, but anything not touch... `shudders`

But heres what I`m starting to see with windows 8: Convergence. With the next xbox coming out in the nearish future and it already moving towards metro, the talk of windows 8 being able to play xbox games, windows media center. With the fact that the xbox is just a computer with fixed hardware and a focused OS. Why not just have the next xbox run 8? I dont think it would be a huge leap to see the next xbox running a simplified, gaming focused 8. The next xbox would be more flexible, have a shared pool of apps with tablets and with a controller its interface works almost as well as with touch.

If they did this they`d have a fairly unified experience accross their phones, their tablets, their console as well as their pcs and laptops. I still think Metro is going to be disabled on most if not all PCs, I am interested as to where they take it in relation to everything else.

And instead of ports devs could just write games for the pc and then just as any new game running on older hardware does, scale down. This is PURELY wishful thinking, but hey, it could happen or we could just get even lazier ports.
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