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Originally Posted by xbournex View Post
For those looking for the windowed version of the Shinobi at NCIX, stock will come in some time next week. I know it says out of stock (5-8 weeks) but it's coming from LA warehouse to NCIX. It'll be available very soon, so hold off your orders :)

Also, the fans that come with all BitFenix cases, are FDB's, sickle blades, 43.5CFM @ 1000rpm <20dB. I wouldn't yank them out unless you can find quieter ones than that.

Thanks Soultribunal for the feedback.

Will the Shinobi "Germany Edition" be sold on this side of the pond? Looks like a VERY stylish case. One I can honestly see using in a build for a customer looking something "different"...but in a GOOD way.
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