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Originally Posted by JJThomp View Post
Oh yeah definitely you want to go with good fans I was just saying when a case is released at a certain price point with no fans, well it really doesn't belong in that price range (well if you plan on overclocking anyways).

For another example if I want a $150 case I will probably buy something like an RV03 just because I don't need to buy any more fans for it. That being said I agree with your viewpoint of quality over quantity, I would rather have 2 good fans then 6 crappy ones I just need to take the amount of fans into account with my budget.
Funny, but I am the exact opposite opinion. I rather a mfg spend ALL the resources on the CASE and not include any fans. Just make sure to include LOTS of std mounts for std size fans.

The reason I say that is I have yet to find any OEM fan that was good enough for my systems. I always yank em and throw them away and replace with FDB (or the equivalent) long life, quiet fans. So why spend moeny on eqipment that is just going to be chucked? IMHO better to have a better built case.

Guess its all in how you look at it and your own personal priorities. :)
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