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Originally Posted by SugarJ View Post
OK, when having lunch with my oldest son today he gave me back a 5.1 Home Theater setup that I want to use instead of my Logitech X-530's. It has way better sound, obviously.

Here's the issue(s). HT system has optical SPDIF input only. So I need to use SPDIF out on my DX or my mobo. However, if you plug in the SPDIF connector on the Xonar DX, you lose the mic in line.

Can I set my system to use my onboard for SPDIF out, then easily swap to my Xonar DX for Headphone/Mic use?
Can you clarify on the last sentence? I assume you typo'd with 'onboard' out. You're outputing from the DX to the HT, and you want to switch and use the onboard input mic line, or outgoing headphone line?

If you are using the DX's SPDIF out to your HT, and you want to plug your headset in to your onboard to 'mute' the Home Theater (ala front panel features) it wont work.

If you want to set different devices for different features, you sure can. I have my HT setup selected to permamently out from winamp. However, the HT shows up as a seperate sound device in windows (but its via HDMI, so maybe thats why I can do this).

My guess is, after re-reading the OP again, is that you want it for the former purpose, in which case you're SOL, as Jack said.
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