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Default Msi G965m

Well, here is the thing. I have a MSI G965m, I know not the greates board, but it works, and it runs Leopard beautifully with all my other hardware. I currently have a E6320 and wanted to get a quad core, however I checked on MSI's site and it states it isnt supported nor is any of the new 45nm cpus, except an E7300. I has hoping perhaps someone has actually physically tested this - a Q6600 with the board or a 45nm cpu. I really dont want to have to change my board as it took a good while to get everything working perfectly on Leopard. If I have no other choice I guess I will have to switch but I figured I would shoot out the question in hopes I dont have to buy a new board (99.9% likely I do).

Thanks in advance!
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