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Well, sure, you can try to justify intel's prices by saying it's an 'enthusiast' line, but that still doesn't mean they're just making a bigger profit margin because they can. Pretty much everyone is expecting the hexa core to start at $550-590 when it comes out, which is I price I'll pass on. The stupid thing is that most gamers won't see any performance differences between the platforms unless they're doing dual 590s or something like that. It's hard to justify spending that much more on an enthusiast part that doesn't offer that much more real world performance (except when looking at extreme scenarios like tri/quad GPUs).

If AMD came out with a competitive part, they would slightly undercut intel pricing due to the fact that they need more sales and market share (they're under 20% atm). The only way you'd see AMD charge more than intel is if they had a superior product.
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