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found out this morning on facebook, the SKULL image, (2nd from top) states "RISK" in Arabic ....OK, I can use that one, but I need to somebody who can read Kanji! No clue what any of that says and I don't wanna insult anyone! .....I presume the show designer already thought of this...haha

Here is an outstanding deal, LCD Temp Meter with thermo sensor and Molex, $7.88 Shipped, on Ebay. and It works great, and I didn;t have to wait 6 months for it to arrive from China. It only took 1.5 weeks

Ebay Link,
5V Digital Thermometer Temperature Meter Gauge Dual LCD | eBay

Here it is, mounted on the top Power panel for this build (more pics to come), but would be easy to mount in 3.5 bay face plate.

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