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Originally Posted by keto View Post
(Note for anyone reading the above - I'm pretty sure he means 1.360v, 1.375v, etc) Given that you are getting longer stability as you go up in vcore, it could just be that you haven't got it high enough yet....

-CPU Spread Spectrum - DISABLE - this could be the big one
-C1, C3, C6 - change from auto to ENABLE (sometimes C3 and C6 can be a problem at higher overclocks and need to be disabled, but I don't see this being an issue at 4.5)
-everything else looks spot on, to me. I looked at the screenies 3x to make sure.

Question: I see what you're setting vcore at in bios, but what is it reading under load at the desktop, using a monitor like CPUZ or other hardware monitor?

You mentioned 9-9-9-27, I did see it as 9-9-9-24 in your bios. XMP is a programmed profile for your memory sticks. On some motherboards, if you select 'XMP' under memory, it will load that profile. Unfortunately, ASUS doesn't work that way - if you select XMP, it overclocks the entire system, to roughly 4.4. You can, however and as I have suggested, program those timings in manually - which you have done.

Summary - I suspect 'Spread Spectrum - Disable' might get you over the hump. However, I don't know what your actual load voltage is. I see 1.375v setting + LLC Ultra High, but I don't know what the net result of those settings is, under load, in Windows. It *should* be enough to get you stable, I think.
Hi and thanks for the reply!

Haha yeah i meant 1.345v, 1.350v and 1.360v heh

I will try to set C1, C3, C6 to ENABLE. Currently they are on Auto. I heard that disabling those could screw the performance of my SATA 6\GBs ports which i really don't want since I am using a Crucial M4 SSD. So i am never to DISABLE them.

As for the CPU Spread Spectrum, I had not thought about it! I could aslo give that a try!

And Yeah, I also meant 9-9-9-24 2T ... Damn what's up with my typing this morning?! Maybe 3 cups of coffee was too much? I am trembling a bit... Heh Thanks for the explication about XMP!

Well, so far with the setting I posted above, I AM 2 hours of PRIME95 Blend test Stable!

With 1.375v Vcore manual set + LLC set on Ultra high, this is what i get during LOAD :

A constent 1.360v read!

And when IDLE, i get 1.368v.

I will let it go all the way up until at least 6h of Prime95 blend test. Then, if all went fine, I will try to manually set the RAM frequency to 1600Mhz and stress test again. If all goes again fine, I'll try to disable CPU spread spectrum and see what gives. If then everything is still Stable, I might try to lower CPU Vcore now that CPU Spread Spectrum would be disabled. Do you think that CPU Spread Spectrum beeing disabled could help me get the same clocks with less CPU Vcore?
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