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My System Specs


Originally Posted by johncon View Post
With an unscheduled build (hard drive crash), I thought now would be an excellent time to do a full build so I opted for the 2600k, P8Z68, 8 Gb Ram, (soon 120 Gb). I haven't overclocked yet - still installing stuff, however moving from E8400, 4Gb, I was expecting a BIG (ok noticeable) performance increase. I was doing a Win7 Backup from one drive to another AND doing a format of the extended portion on main drive. Hours. Literally hours to get them both done. Seriously? Upto 8 hyperthreaded cores and it took hours?! Once the formatting finished the backup flew, but this is not what I was hoping for.
It's a bottelneck from the hard drive, and the task isn't cpu demanding at all. If you want to see the difference, try compressing/decompressing files, encoding/decoding videos and you'll be amazed.
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