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My System Specs


Originally Posted by xbournex View Post
We actually use high quality plastic. Take the Merc for example. Only $40. Other case manufacturer's would use recycled plastics to build a case in that price bracket. We don't. Softouch is one of those things that you have to touch it to believe it. Love it or hate it. When BitFenix sent me my shinobi, first thing i touched was the front panel. I love it. Even NZXT has copied our softouch coating on the sentry and tempest 210.

I know what you mean in regards to the lack of fans. Yes, we also could have packed all our cases with fans. It would either be many fans, loud and low airflow, or few fans, quiet yet higher airflow. Again, we chose quality over quantity. The wires for the fans are completely black, even the front panel cables are black. An extra $20 on spectres to fill up the case is more than enough.
Oh yeah definitely you want to go with good fans I was just saying when a case is released at a certain price point with no fans, well it really doesn't belong in that price range (well if you plan on overclocking anyways).

For another example if I want a $150 case I will probably buy something like an RV03 just because I don't need to buy any more fans for it. That being said I agree with your viewpoint of quality over quantity, I would rather have 2 good fans then 6 crappy ones I just need to take the amount of fans into account with my budget.
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