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My System Specs

Default Everything running fine but the upgrade itch getting stronger ;)

Hey guys,

Not sure f this is the right section to put this in but I have just a few questions.

With my current setup everything is quite sweet. No problems, the *very* occasional Overclock fail and CTD or freeze but other than that I am very happy with my setup.

Now, the thing is I'm starting to wonder if there's anything I can do that is reasonably cost effective to make my rig boot up and perform faster than it already is. With the SSDs boot times are much better (not lightning fast by any standards but much better none the less), the my CPU seems to be doing everything it was made to do and more with the OC and my 2 GTX560's are running BF3 all on high with AA turned OFF.

I've got around 200 bucks to blow and I'm wondering if better RAM or a better CPU is what's next. My specs are below, if anyone can help that would be awesome


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