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Default HTC Rezound/Vigor in canada?

I'm currently looking out for a new job, this = no more company cellphone --* which is not a bad thing since I have a BB 8330 now.

I was looking at the HTC Amaze and Raider but I found out about the HTC Rezound which will be available shortly on Verizon. It seems to be a strong competitor to the GN besides the fact it will be released on 2.3.4.

I did try the Raider and Amaze and while they feel very similar, I just prefer to "hold" the Amaze, the Raider having kind of an ugly shape (IMO)...

So While I pretty much have my mind set on the HTC Amaze as of now, I'd really like the high resolution screen of the Rezound. + I don't know if the "Beats" thing really works, but I want my phone to have better audio than the bad audio on my iPod.

+ since this will partly replace my iPod, I want it to have as much storage as possible and the Rezound is rumored to ship with a 16GB Micro SD (+ 16GB internal storage).

So, the real point of this.. finally... Has anyone found any clue of the Rezound/Vigor being released in Canada shortly?

--(yes, I really like HTC phones and the Sense UI...I'll probably try out some other roms but I definitely want an HTC phone)

Off topic - I think my english is getting better. yay.

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