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Originally Posted by SugarJ View Post
Check the review at Benchmark Reviews, Olin has a picture of the contact area inked onto the bottom of the cooler. Along with his usual confrontational style of writing. At least he's passionate about his opinions, like some other people on this thread.

Welcome aboard Nosferatu, and there's always someone who'll disagree with what you post. Some are just more polite about it than others. I like that you used the same fan in order to compare results. Could both HSF's benefit from a Noctua? Certainly. But not the point of the review.
Yes some people take offence event though you put alot of :D :) :p ;)
Thx for the wellcome sir ;)

Originally Posted by encorp View Post
I get the idea of putting a heatpipe directly on the processor but I don't like the idea of all those gaps between the mounting and the pipes. Sure with these designs you can just fill it with goop or whatever but I'd like to see a company get those pipes close and tighter to their base, or find away to remove that base construction - some way they need to make a nice, shiny flat surface out of those heatpipes and then I think they'll really be on to something. I dunno, I could be way wrong but it just bugs me seeing gaps like that.

Great review though, keep it up.. learn from it and add that to your new ones!
A littel more like this one then :D
It makes a funny link if you dont provide it mannualy

Here you se the "funny" link

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