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OK, my finding from 2 different Z68 boards is that this chipset is VERY sensitive to memory settings. I'd be willing to place a small wager that you can get that stable, with less voltage. I suggest 1 of 2 things:

1) keep that 4.8 overclock, set your memory to 1333 speed, do your P95 and see if it still crashes. If not (I'm betting it wont), reduce voltage and repeat. THEN when you have established what your cpu will run, you go in and increase your memory speed a step at a time. Do NOT use XMP, at least not until you have tested right up to your rated speed. DO set all (or at least the 'big 5' like, 9-11-9-27-2T) memory timings MANUALLY don't let the system pull them auto. DO set your memory voltage manually.


2) Just go straight to setting memory timings AND voltage manually and retry. Again, don't use XMP but you can try manually setting the timings to the same as what XMP would set.

Over and above those 2 things, other settings to mess with:
DO enable cpu pll overcurrent protection.
DO raise cpu current capability to 140% - yes, it's red. Don't worry about it.
You can also raise vccio, stock is 1.05v, I run now at 1.15v, and 1.20v is the generally accepted 'max for every day' number.

It took me a while to figure this out (from trial & error, plus the experiences of others) but I was able to drop my voltage a lot on my cpu as it wasn't the cpu that was causing the crashes, but I thought it was and kept upping vcore. others have said, if you are seeing bench test max temps below 80C, you are fine. Thermal throttling for the cpu is 95C, so you have some headroom. Also, for *most people*, a bench test load is not indicative of what you will see in everyday usage, gaming and so forth. There's about a 15C difference for me, ie., if 70C is bench test load peak, when gaming I only see 55C.
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