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My System Specs


Those are great temps at load.

I had i72600k and a z68x-ud4-b3 mobo. That one I didnt change anything, but the mulitplier to 45 and disabled the turbo boost. Kept everything the same even the voltage to auto. And also changed the timing for the ram to match the factory settings for the ram. At 4.5ghz and vcore at auto was at 1.36 but never actually got there, and temps at full load never hit 58.

I was using a prolimatech megha with 2 scythe slip stream fans 1900 rpm in push pull config.

I also tried 5.0ghz, but to be honest temps did get hot. But at 4.5ghz, life was beautiful, everything was fast. Just keep yours at 4.5ghz for 24/7 use, as long as the temps are under 60 degrees at load, they are beautiful!

nice set up!

Originally Posted by Patriote View Post
Hey guys, thanks for the quick replies.

Temps are great for 4.5Ghz + I'm sure i could drop the voltage a bit and still be stable :

I haven't tried Offset voltage as i don't understand at all how it works! Need help on that! I might decide to go with 4.5-6Ghz with lowest voltage and I sure would like it to have voltage and frequency drop when IDLE so i would use Offset Voltage!
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