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Default 2500k overclocking

Hey guys!

Following this guide : Official ASUS P8P67 Series Overclocking Guide and Information

This is where i ended up tonight :

Considering that never will the CPU be stressed that much for day to day tasks and gaming, are those temps safe for 24\7 ?

Specs in SIG!

Here's what i changed in the bios :

Ai Overclock Tuner : Manual
Turbo Ratio : By per core : 48 set for all 4 cores
Internal PLL Overvoltage : Enabled
Memory Frequency : 1600mhz
Load-Line Calibration : Ultra High
VRM Frequency : Manual set to 350
Phase Control : Extreme
Duty Control : Extreme
CPU Current Capability : 130%

CPU Voltage : Manual set to 1.455v
DRAM Voltage : 1.500v

I haven't touched anything else related to overclocking.

Now, during load, CPU-Z reads 1.432v-1.440v and during IDLE, it reads 1.448v

Before that, I had tried setting Manual CPU Vcore to 1.450v and one core crashed after a few mins during Prime95 Blend test ...

So far, 1h15m stable Prime95 Blend test @ 1.455v But temps are concerning me. I have a Noctua NHD-14 and used MX-2 compound.

UPDATE: Well, after an hour and 20 mins, one core crashed during Prime95 ...

You guys have any idea on how i could improve stability without adding more CPU Vcore?

- Asus P8Z68-V PRO
- Intel I5 2500k @ 4.5Ghz
- Asus Geforce 580GTX DirectCUII Fermi
- 16GB Corsair Vengeance Low Profile
- Ultra X3 1000 Watt
- Asus Xonar DX 7.1 \ Klipsch Promedia 2.1 THX
- Corsair Vengeance 1300 Gaming Headset
- Crucial M4 SSD 128GB \ WD Caviar Black 1TB
- CoolerMaster 690II Advanced
- Dell UltraSharp 24''
- Noctua NH-D14
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