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My System Specs


I myself just finished pricing the 6 core and quad core Phenom II, a calculator really comes in handy for $/Ghz :P.

Although the 6 core, tend to oc a hair better then thier 4 core brothers, and are a hair faster in benchmarking, encoding etc, it is a useless expence for the moment, when the 4core Phenom II such as the 955 or 965 are very good gaming processors, a game such as BF3 shows very little to no difference with a highly clocked 1090/1100T or 965/980 Phenom II, some games do, but they really are few and far between.

I went with 955BE C3 revision(less volts needed, and slightly cooler with slightly better OC potential
Hyper 212+ with push pull of the stock blademaster 120fan
M5A99X EVO motherboard, yes its more $, but it also has some of the best OC potential with lowest volts of any currently available am3 or am3+ motherboards
G. Skill Ripjaw XDDR3 CL9 1866, 9,10,9,28 1.5v memory
and of course an SSD in my case OCZ Agility 3 60Gb with firmware 1.13.

As for the chip, I got it to just under 4.1Ghz, memory running 1872Mhz, HT running auto, CPU/NB 2550+Mhz
The voltages are 1.368v cpu, HT stock voltage, NB 1.16v, memory 1.5v, this was accomplished in maybe 10mins times, a couple reboots to stabilize voltage levels etc, and yes LLC is enabled and set to ASUS auto, and EXTREME preset, 110% calibration on CPU and CPU/NB, honestly, it was very very easy, even to run it at stock it was quite fast.

It runs like a champ, and in my raven 3, playing everything I have, the cpu according to HWinfo and other temp programs, has never went above 42c even in my very warm room.

In BF3 with some settings medium, some on high, AA disabled, AF 4x, I average 48FPS and min 35FPS MAX 72FPS, this is with Cat 11.10 WHQL, and Radoen 6870 at 965 core 1135memory speeds.

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