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My System Specs


As much as I love Gigabyte boards, the G1 series are a tad overpriced for what they are. Not to mention their UEFI is a little behind. I'd suggest an Asus Maximus Gene-Z as long as you don't mind the smaller board.

You won't need a 2600K for most games on the market. If you don't do anything thread intensive, save yourself $100 and get a 2500K.

That PSU is a terrible unit for the price and you won't find much love for OCZ PSU's here. At $145, (really $165 since OCZ MIR's suck) you could easily get a fully modular Gold unit of vastly higher quality. Seasonic X-760 or Corsair AX-750 comes to mind, (both are the same unit) though there are other good choices too.

If you plan on any kind of competitive gaming, you might want to drop the wireless mouse/keyboard.

EDIT: might want to get an SSD for caching on the Z68 chipset and reuse an old hard drive, with the floods in Thailand it doesn't seem like prices are going to get any better.
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