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Originally Posted by MpG View Post
The other possibility is that the dye isn't degrading, but that the Tygon is going cloudy... which isn't exactly a rousing compliment towards this stuff either. I'll likely be pulling the system apart this summer, so I guess we'll see for certain then.
Yeah well my clearflex went cloudy and that's only using DI water! Went cloudy at about the same rate in two independent loops. After the loops were running for about 3 weeks I thought I was having a algae outbreak and put some copper sulphate (same as PT Nuke) in the loops and no change. Oddly I didn't think to look at the reservoirs which are Swiftech MCRES's. Both of those as well as the coolant are perfectly crystal clear so it's definitely just the tubing going cloudy on it's own.
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