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My System Specs


Corsair TX750 750W Power Supply Review

If it can handle 2x 2900XT it can handle most modern cards.

60a available on the 12v rail is alot of power and "should" be able to handle 2 overclocked 560Ti or 2 overclocked 6950 with a core i7 cpu with ease, I wouldnt push the overclocks insanely high, by you, or factory, but suffice it to say with "performance mainstream cards" you should be fine

If you had 2 6970 or 2 GTX570 overclocked, well then you might be pushing it some.

If I recall and i7 930 heavily overclocked with dual GTX460 1gb(336 shader) overclocked, were using approximately 540watts from the wall and around 44a from the 12v rail. the 470 jumped this to around 600 watts and 50a, this might be a little much, if you wanted the PSU to last awhile and not be running itself to hard.

But either way, you should be more then fine with anything save the higher end configurations, for them you would want a higher quality 750-850, and for quad gpu use I wouldnt go below a high quality 900-1100watt unit, safety first after all :)
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