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Default Primochill Liquid Utopia - One User's Experience

Oh yeah, almost forgot. That Primochill Liquid Utopia stuff? I haven't seen ANY reviews of this stuff anywhere, so I figure I'll throw up my $0.02 about it.

The stuff I got was the "Blood-red" colour. I added it in about 2ml at a time, and by the time the 10ml tube was half-done, the colour intensity was maxed out.

Here's a picture from early on, when the stuff was new in the system.
Attachment 2043

Here's a picture from now.
Attachment 2044

In both cases, the camera flash is making the colours a little more intense than they are in real life, but aside from that, the picture match RL fairly well. It can be seen that there's been a definite degradation of colour over the last month or two. And this is with 1/2" tubing, so the colour would be even paler with 3/8" or thinner tubing. The other possibility is that the dye isn't degrading, but that the Tygon is going cloudy... which isn't exactly a rousing compliment towards this stuff either. I'll likely be pulling the system apart this summer, so I guess we'll see for certain then.

Also visible is a faint ring around the reservoir, but since I'm technically running about 50% over their recommended concentration, I'm don't know if I can legitimately complain about that or not. But just the same, I have a pretty big volume of liquid in this system, so the concentration can't be THAT much over the guidelines. So at best, this stuff is easy to OD on; at worst, it'll leave residue behind regardless.

Thus, I'm not sure I could recommend this stuff to anyone else. At the very least, the Liquid Utopia dye doesn't seem like anything to write home about.

The Swiftech Hydrx on the other hand, is doing just fine. Now if it only came in other colours...
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