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My System Specs


Originally Posted by 3.0charlie View Post
You may have bought your PSU already, but since I wanted to create a thread with the same exact title, I'll reply here...

I have both. The HX850W was installed in a HAF932 Adv., powering my 4p rig (see sig below, The Four Horsemen). The rig pulls from the UPS ~480W under full folding load. Fan ran at full speed, cooling the components.

I replaced the HX850W last week with an AX750W, for efficiency. Under the same load, the AX pulls ~440W from the same UPS. The kicker? The fan does not even budge... it's barely passing the 50% load, and since it's cool in the garage (where the rig resides - 14c at the moment), the PSU internal temp does not reach the threshold that starts the fan...
Better pick up some more of those AX750s! Even with shipping they are worth it for client builds if you ask me.
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