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My System Specs


You may have bought your PSU already, but since I wanted to create a thread with the same exact title, I'll reply here...

I have both. The HX850W was installed in a HAF932 Adv., powering my 4p rig (see sig below, The Four Horsemen). The rig pulls from the UPS ~480W under full folding load. Fan ran at full speed, cooling the components.

I replaced the HX850W last week with an AX750W, for efficiency. Under the same load, the AX pulls ~440W from the same UPS. The kicker? The fan does not even budge... it's barely passing the 50% load, and since it's cool in the garage (where the rig resides - 14c at the moment), the PSU internal temp does not reach the threshold that starts the fan...
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