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Alright, I finally got off my ass and finished things up. I've had most of it together for awhile, but once I had it working, I just stopped worrying about how nice it looked. Kind of like building a kit car, I think. Once it runs, you start asking yourself "Do I really NEED body panels? Or a paint job? Or floorboards...?"

This thing is running three radiators (PA120.3 in front, MCR-220 at back, MCR-120res on side), and they're all intakes, in an attempt to minimize any stacking effects (having the same air pass through two radiators). Incidentally, while the front holes are spaced for Thermochill rads, the hole spacing on the back fans is 17mm. HWL rads use 15mm, while Swiftech's use 19mm. .

Anyway, since all the rads were intakes, there was hardly any exhaust happening, and the remaining panel was a window, with no holes. So I decided to make my own panel. I had a 200mm Antec fan kicking around (from the P190), and unlike the rest of their tricool shite, it's actually a pretty solid unit. So I ordered in one more, did a little woodwork, and...
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It's a little glossier than I'd like, but I wanted some sort of protectant on it, and I don't know how to duplicate MM's wrinkle-coat look.

Beyond that, it was just a matter of wiring everything in, and figuring out how to make the T-balancer work. For a such a nice, colourful manual, it leaves out a remarkable amount of useful information (i.e. proper USB pin hookup). Fortunately, the interface is pretty intuitive, and it's been very cooperative and is currently undervolting eight of the case fans to acceptable noise levels.

So it's done, and working great. The two 200mm exhaust fans do an excellent job and pulling heated air off the motherboard. I had to put a little 40mm fan on the SB, which pulled temps down to about 39 degrees, but with the top on, the temps go right down to about 34 degrees. Might be able to ditch the little 40mm bugger altogether...
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Fully closed up, the case is pretty much as unobtrusive as something that size can be. There's still some spaghetti wiring visible, but most of it is crammed underneath the motherboard. Might see I can't clean that up a little more, but it's not high priority.
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So that's the end of "Project P190". Come for the Antec case, stay for the Mountain Mod case!
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