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Originally Posted by ipaine View Post
Well now it is even more cramped as I have added a second 8800GT to the mix. But I am seriously thinking about using the ribbon cables as you said, at least to see if I can make a difference. Or I guess I could always just get a really large sata drive and pull out two of the IDE ones.

Well once work calms down a bit I will see what I can get done and then take some new pictures.
LOL, 2nd 8600GT > less cramped!

LOL, large SATA drive = more cramped because you will leave the other two drives in the system!

Found a recent pic showing a ribbon cable taking up no space. Still looking for good example of when I use rounded.

You can see the single ATA133 cable running off to the right, goes behind the drive bays, folds up and to the DVD, then wraps around and underneath the drive to make the connection.

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