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Smoking system, you'll be happy with it.

*IF* you plan to overclock, be aware that Gigabyte's voltage handling options aren't as robust as ASUS and others for this specific chipset (67/68 series). I have no long term beef with Giga, have tons of experience with their boards and they are good. But I just changed out a Giga for an ASUS - the specific issue is that they don't have offset and LLC at the same time, it's one or the other. It would take a short novel to explain, and it may not be critical (I could definitely still overclock the Giga), but I just feel that they missed the boat this time around. ASUS have some quirks of their own - most mobos do, for some reason 67/68 chipset likes to 'double boot' which, unless you know about it in advance, can be disconcerting but in fact is harmless, and ASUS is particularly prone to this - but overall I'm happier with it. Probably a few bucks more to go ASUS, depending on what your expansion slot needs are. P8Z68-V and up (EVO, Pro, Deluxe) would be my recommendation.
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